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Lisette Leuftink

I am Lisette Leuftink, business owner, coach, legal counsel, and a curious high-achiever, like you. I have always had a great curiosity about everything life has to offer. Sports, travel, books, people, politics, cooking, arts.


Becoming a General Counsel at 33 for a large airline, I had climbed the corporate ladder pretty fast. But after a few years, I felt I was spending my days mostly on autopilot, keeping too many balls in the air, feeling stuck and I became restless. Learning and experiencing new things is what makes me thrive. So, I started to look for new ways to feed my curiosity outside of work. Adding even more things to my to-do-list. That’s when I found out, the hard way, that time and energy are limited. Who knew?! Something had to change. Instead of adding all these new things to my life, I should have looked at changing what was already there. Learn new habits, get clarity on what is important to me, gain more energy, focus on things that contribute to my higher purpose and not let distractions and other people’s agenda’s take over my life. So that is what I did. Now I am able to have a successful career as a business owner, legal counsel and coach, have great relationships, plenty of energy and time to feed my curiosity, feel confident to dream big and contribute every day to building my own future.

The same is possible for you. Even though you might think it is not or that you don’t have the time. Look at people you admire and see what they are able to achieve. Why wouldn’t that be possible for you? You don’t have to make big changes in your life to be able to feed your curiosity, get clarity on what you want, feel confident to work towards fulfilling your dreams and contribute to something bigger than yourself. Let’s work together on making that happen for you. Stop feeling overwhelmed, take back control and create your future with higher levels of success.

Coaching style

My coaching style is transformative. I am convinced you have all the answers within you. The goal is to shift your perspective and expand your capacity to reach higher levels of success. Whatever your definition of success entails. Get unstuck and start growing again.

I’m here to guide you as a thinking partner. I am not your therapist or mentor. I will never tell you what to do, but I do expect you to put in the time and energy necessary to get the transformation you are looking for.

I listen, I use humor, I ask lots and lots of questions and I can be confrontational, but always in a respectful manner. The goal is to enjoy the process, even though it might not always be fun. The outcome will surprise you!

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