1-1 Coaching

For curious high-achievers

Nothing is impossible

Coaching will help you see that. Even though that might feel hard to believe right now. High-achievers, like yourself, demand a lot from themselves and others. They also have dreams and visions of how their future should look like.
But daily life is taking over. You’ve ended up in a situation where you feel stuck and overwhelmed. You’re exhausted most of the time and feel a bit out of place. When was the last time you thought that anything was possible? 
You know that you’ve reached a point where something has to change.

Get clarity & stop wasting your energy.


Get unstuck & Stop making excuses.

Get your confidence back & stop dreaming.

Where to start?

Start by booking a free introductory call with me.
Through my powerful one-to-one coaching program we’ll start your transformational path to elevate your curiosity, clarity and confidence to make sure you feel that you contribute to something bigger than yourself. Let’s start your new path to growth.

Why coaching?

Would you recommend an athlete or team to try to reach the Olympics without a coach?
Don’t think you only need a coach when there’s something wrong with you. You don’t need to be fixed. On the contrary! You need someone who supports you, challenges you, motivates you, and holds you accountable. Only then will you be able to maximize your potential. Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve. It helps you know yourself better, it helps you to discover your talents, and it helps you to get clarity, and to achieve your goals. I, myself, have used many coaches, and still do, when I’m going through a transformation or have certain goals I want to reach.
Whether it is a promotion, a job change, a new leadership position, a change in my personal life or just feeling stuck and not growing anymore. We all have beliefs that are limiting us in reaching our goals. You can do a lot of introspection and reflection yourself, and you probably already do, but you won’t get the same results as working with a coach. For me it has awakened new energy and created room for growth. It has always impacted me in a positive way and I found parts of myself I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

What to expect?

Working with me will be an investment in yourself, in your future, and your happiness. Why not give yourself that gift? 

You can expect to:

Create a clear vision of what you want (Clarity) and which areas of your life you want to improve or (re)discover (Curiosity).


Set goals and design a plan to work towards them.


Regularly review your goals and action plan.


Do a deep dive in your values, your strengths and needs. We’ll look into what might be holding you back and what is making you thrive (Confidence).


Implement your action plan and work on your progress.


Become a new and improved version of yourself.

What my clients say

“With her sharp questions and disarming wit, Lisette quickly brings clarity and reveals your potential. She lets you explore your thoughts and abilities, without judgment. She helped me come out stronger and more confident, ready to excel.”


Chief Commercial Officer

“In a confident and pleasant manner, Lisette quickly gets to the heart of the matter. With her calm and focused approach, she provided me with the mental space and trust to come up with new and inspirational insight on my own.”


Head of Communications

Are you ready to take the first step?
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