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I can help you feed your CURIOSITY, get CLARITY on your mission and become CONFIDENT enough to dream big and reach higher levels of success.


If you are like most high-achievers, you are driven by curiosity.

Curiosity to learn new things, curiosity towards other people, knowledge, and contributing to something bigger than yourself. This has brought you many great things in life. A successful career, great friends and…a very long to-do-list.

The hard truth is that most days you don’t have the time or energy to feed that curiosity.

You feel overwhelmed and stuck.

Every day seems to be about meetings, zoom calls and other peoples’ agenda’s. You worry that your dreams might be too big. You don’t feel you can contribute or make an impact. You don’t feel connected to the outcome of your work anymore. That is such a shame, since you have so much potential.

Far too many high-achievers like you are living on autopilot. There is so much going on in your life, that you don’t have the energy or time to change things.

No longer! You CAN take back control and start growing again. You CAN create the future you envision for yourself and reach the success you want. 

Let’s work together to feed your CURIOSITY again, get CLARITY and become CONFIDENT enough to dream big and reach higher levels of success.

Stay Hungry,

Stay Curious!

About Me

If you’re ready for unlimited growth, let’s talk!

Hi, I am Lisette Leuftink, a curious high-achiever like you. With my corporate background as a senior leader, I help high-achieving entrepreneurs, new and senior leaders, to get off autopilot, stop feeling overwhelmed, and take back control of their success in business and life.

Let’s work together to find out what levels of success your future holds for you. I’ll guide you along your way.


How we can work together


As a thinking partner, I help you to break down barriers that are holding you back to get unstuck. Ready to feed your curiosity, get clarity and become confident to create the future you envision?

Corporate Training

Bespoke corporate training and workshops to enable leaders and teams to spark their curiosity, get clarity and confidence to really contribute to the vision and strategy of your organization.

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